The Club is imparting two major courses:

• Commercial Pilot License ( CPL) - Duration: 18 months
• Private Pilot License (PPL) - Duration: 8 months
• Instrument Rating (IR) - Duration 6 months


Commercial Pilot License Course is a full comprehensive training program designed by the Professional to train you for a career in aviation. The Club will prepare you to do more than just fly an airplane. The club will try best to make you better in every way to enter in modern aviation.
Duration of CPL training is 18 months, but we have a record of training in 8 months, for those hardworking student pilots who could assimilate accelerated training.
Along with flying we conduct ground training instruction on technical subjects for PPL, CPL, IR and instructor Pilots



(a) Education - FA/F.Sc
(b) Age - 18 years for issue of PPL / CPL.
(c) Medical Standard Civil Aviation Medical Board of Pakistan.
(d) Flying hours for PPL / CPL / IR approved course 200 hrs.
.....Flying hours for PPL / CPL / IR other than approved course 250hrs.
(e) Ground subject as per Civil Aviation Authority syllabus.
(f) Aircraft - We provide flying on the following types of aircraft:-
..i. Cessna 150
..ii. Cessna 172
..iii. Piper Aztec PA 23-250 Twin engine rating.
..iv. Motor glider.


To improve knowledge of aviation related subject and thereby improve flying standard, the following rules are to be implemented forthwith:

Regular student will have to show 80% attendance in ground subject classes, and 80% result in detention test before they are recommended for CAA exam for PPL and CPL.
Those persons who have given a certificate that they are flying for hobby (i. e. businessmen professional, job holder etc) will be exempt from classes. However, they have to get 80% passing marks in detention before they are recommended for CAA Exam.
At the discretion of the CFI, second and third detention tests, may be taken with a fee of Rs. 300/- and Rs. 500/- respectively.


(i) Membership of the PFC is given directly to the Student Pilot without an Intermediary of parents or guardians. Hence, the Club will deal directly with the Student Pilots on official matters and no intermediary of parents or guardians will be accepted. However, parents or guardians whose name is recorded in the membership form may discuss about the progress of the Student Pilot with CFI, DCFI, and Manager Admin.

In case of any disciplinary action or Termination of membership, parent/guardian will be informed.


Besides other rules conveyed to students at the time of admission in Hostel , the following needs to be observed strictly:

(a) Visitors and student residing outside the hostel premises are not allowed to enter hostel.
(b) Students residing outside the hostel shall leave the Club’s premises before 9 PM except for schedule flying.
(c) The family member of the student residing in hostel can only visit the student’s room if accompanied by any of the Club’s Office holder staff.
(d) All hostel student are required to strictly follow the hostel timings.
Gate will be closed at 10 PM and no one will be allowed to enter Club’s premises after 10 PM.
(e) Main class room will not be used by anyone unless during schedule lectures or meeting time.
(f) Lunch, dinner timing in the Club’s flight kitchen must be observed as notified from time to time.